Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Inspiration of the Day :)

When you come home from work or school each day, do you

tell your spouse, family, roommate, or friends all about your

day with a large focus on the negative events that happened?

Or, if you are single, do you come and sit at home and

continue to focus on "why I am here?" or "why is this

situation happening to me?", or simply focusing on your

flaws instead of your good points?

Even if you know, and are aware of the Law of Attraction,

sometimes you may not even realize you are doing it....

Instead of concentrating on the negative events of your day,

focus on any and all things that went smooth, easy, and good

for you.

If you focus only on the good events (which many people just take for granted),

after a while, you will keep finding more and more positive

events happening each day, and your mood will improve as well.

As you do this, the negative events will be less and less every day.

Also, your spouse, family, roommate, or friends will benefit

from hearing positive energy each day, instead of negative energy when you come home :)

I know many of you may not fall into the above category,

however, if you do, then I hope this might help.

Have a Great remainder of the week everyone :)

I am honored, happy and very grateful to have you as friends!!! :)

Have an Amazing Day full of success, happiness, positive energy, and attraction to all you desire........Love and God Bless,


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