Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Inspiration of the day :)

Do you worry a lot?

If you do, you are like most people, so don't feel too bad, however it's still a very destructive habit to have, both for you, and those you worry about as well.

As you might already know, if you follow the principals of the Law of Attraction...

You create what you focus on.

So...when you worry about potential or current situations, you are essentially manifesting exactly that that you worry about to happen.

Not to mention, you are in a negative vibration which also creates more negative experiences in your life, like poor health and sickness.

One thing you might not realize, is that you might actually be affecting the lives of those you worry about as well, like friends and loved ones.

Most people can control their future, and their destiny by controlling their thoughts and focus.

However, if they are not aware of the law of attraction, and they attract what comes into their life by default, you could actually be amplifying negative experiences into their life by worrying about them as well.

The more intense the fear or worry, the faster you will make those things you don't want to happen actually manifest.

ALWAYS focus on the end result that is the opposite of what you fear.

ALWAYS focus on the Positive events you want in your life, or your loved one's lives.

Stay positive, stay healthy, stay happy, have fun, and live life!!! :)

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