Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Inspiration of the Day :)

Sometimes people get frustrated when a large desire they have has not manifested yet.

Unfortunately after a while, they start focusing on NOT having what they want instead of the thing they desire. This will continue to create more of "not having it".

Continue to focus on what you want instead of the lack, and your desire will manifest.

Another practice that will help, is creating a momentum of trust.

If your desire is something that is so big that you have a hard time actually believing that it's possible, then you will have a hard time manifesting it as well.

Try starting out with smaller more realisitc (to you) desires on a daily, or weekly basis.

Start every day or week with a request from the universe of how you want your day or week to play out, in as many details as you can come up with. (For instance one of your requests could be for safe commutes to and from work.)

As your days and weeks go on, you will start seeing your small requests manifesting. Then you gradually build trust in yourself that you CAN manifest what you desire.

Now it's time to start working on those large desires with the faith and confidence that it's possible and that YOU CAN DO IT!!!

I am honored, happy and very grateful to have you as friends!!! :)

Have an Amazing Day full of success, happiness, positive energy, and attraction to all you desire......

Love and God Bless.....Mike

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