Saturday, August 30, 2008

Law of Attraction Creations for today :)

Hello my Wonderful, incredibly fantastic friends :)

Every time I write a blog post or Inspirational letter,
I am always reminded how blessed I am to have
such high energy, positive and supportive readers
and friends.

Thank You so much for being who you are.
You are much appreciated :)

Why do you want what you want?.....

Sometimes when we think and focus on the desires
we want in life, we start just thinking about the
end result or the actual acquisition of the desire.

While that is a much better focus than concentrating on
the lack of having what you want, it's also a
very good idea to go through the benefits and
good feelings you will have once your desire manifests.

Think to yourself and ask "why do I want this desire?"
or "what is the benefit of this desire?"

For example, if it's a new car, how will it smell the first time
you get in it?

What will the feeling be when you drive
it off the lot for the first time?

How will the feeling be knowing you have
a reliable car now?

It also helps to tell yourself why you want
this desire.

To use the car for an example again,
you could tell yourself " I want this new car to feel
safe, secure, happy, and accomplished."
"This is a car I've desired for a long time and I deserve it."

The more you concentrate on these style of thoughts,
the more time you will be focusing on the positive aspects
of your manifestations instead of the lack of them
not manifesting yet.

No matter where you are right now in life, don't worry,
you are doing just fine.

Just the simple fact that you know about the
law of attraction, and are reading related
blogs and inspirational letters such as this,
means that you ARE on the right track, and life
will continue to get better and better for you.

It is my wish that you manifest all you desire
very quickly and safely, and that you always
seek Joy :)

Thank You as always for reading
this Inspirational Blog :)

I am honored, happy , and very grateful
to have your presence and energy here.

Have an Amazing life experience full of love,
success, happiness, positive energy,
and attraction to all you desire :)

Love and God Bless,
Mike Ludens

Here is your Affirmation Creations for today :)

Mike Ludens - Affirmation Creations

i am in a state of joy, therefore i am attracting wellness into my life. Mike Ludens Law of Attraction Creations

i am in a state of joy, therefore i am attracting prosperity into my experience. Mike Ludens Law of Attraction Creations

i am in a state of joy, therefore i am attracting love into my life. Mike Ludens Law of Attraction Creations

Here is today's Inspiration Creation :)
The Complete Conversations with God (Boxed Set)

mike ludens law of attraction creations

Thank You :)..........Mike

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