Thursday, August 21, 2008

Law of Attraction Creations for today :)

Hello my Wonderful friends :)

I am grateful for you all.

Intend Joy........

I hope you are creating life how you
desire, instead of experiencing circumstances
by default.

If you are still experiencing situations
you believe are "beyond your control",
never fear, that too can be changed.

Every circumstance and experience in your
life whether you want to admit or believe it or
not, is a direct result of your past thoughts.

With that being said, NOW is the time to
start creating your life with intentions and
expectation of the life you really want.

End your night with the intention of getting a great
night's sleep(no matter how many hours you sleep),
tell your self that you will awake refreshed and
happy to be alive as well as grateful for what you have.

When you wake up, say affirmations to yourself, tell
yourself that "it is your dominant intent during this
beautiful day to seek only those things that
bring joy to me and that I want to experience".

Even if you are at work, there are experiences that
make you feel good like compliments from your
boss, or co-workers etc.

As long as your intention for every day is
to seek JOY in life, everything you experience
will bring you a sense of joy, and
therefore help you tremendously in manifesting
any and all things that you desire and expect to

Have a Great Day....Every Day :)

Thank You as always for reading
this Inspirational Blog :)

I am honored, happy , and very grateful
to have your presence and energy here.

Have an Amazing life experience full of love,
success, happiness, positive energy,
and attraction to all you desire :)

Love and God Bless,
Mike Ludens

Here is your Affirmation Creations for today :)

Keren Portia

today I am creating a new improved version of me. mike ludens law of attraction creations

today is the day I write new stories about how i want life to be. mike ludens law of attraction creations

today is a new day and a new begining. mike ludens law of attraction creations

Here is today's Inspiration Creation :)

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mike ludens law of attraction creations

Thank You :)..........Mike

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