Saturday, August 9, 2008

Law of Attraction Creations for today :)

Hello my Incredible friends :)

I am so grateful to have you as my friends, and
readers of these messages.

Thank You so much for being you.

Your entire life experience is one big

Every experience you have in life, whether it
be good or bad, is simply indicators of
the thoughts you have been having.

Every person who was rude to you in traffic,
every time your kids are mad at you,
or every time you have an unexpected
problem, are indicators that your prominent
thoughts are in a negative manner.

Now that doesn't mean that you are doing
it on purpose, however sometimes you
may not realize your thoughts are being negative.

Even if you are not"angry", you could be
worrying about this, or rushing to do that,
or not looking forward to talking to that person etc.

Any thought that creates stress in your
mind and body is a negative thought, and will
by the law of attraction create more negative
experiences in your life.

Fear, anger, rage, rushing, sadness, revenge, hatred,
worry, stress, fatigue, and anguish are some examples of
negative mindsets.

Now for the good news :)
If you are having a great day, and things
just seem to go right for you in most cases, people
are treating you with kindness and respect, and
it seems like you just have to mention something you
want briefly, and before you know it, that desire has already
manifested in your life.....

That's an indicator of your thoughts being
positive, aligned and on the right track.

Love, kindness, generosity, compassion, happiness,
gratitude, appreciation, and patience are
examples of positive thoughts.

One more thing to ponder......

Any of those people who treat you
in a disrespectful way, or are rude to you, etc.

They are nothing more than an indicator that your
thoughts are either negative, or you are worrying
about being treated wrong.
These people are again just .....simply indicators.

So instead of wasting your time and energy hating
or despising these people, just realize that
your thoughts need to be adjusted and
they will no longer be a source of stress or
anguish for you.

Have fun, live life, be positive.

Thank You as always for reading
this Inspirational Blog :)

I am honored, happy , and very grateful to
have your presence and energy here.

Have an Amazing life experience full of love,
success, happiness, positive energy,
and attraction to all you desire :)

Love and God Bless,
Mike Ludens

Here is your Affirmation Creations for today :)

Mike Ludens - Affirmation Creations

all situations in life are simply vibrational indicators of my current thoughts. I choose thoughts that bring me Joy. mike ludens law of attraction creations

i am grateful now that i only practice GOOD habits that create my healthy body. mike ludens law of attraction creations

i am grateful that i have the knowledge and confidence to accomplish anything i desire. mike ludens law of attraction creations

Here is today's Inspiration Creation :)

Mike Ludens - Affirmation Creations

mike ludens law of attraction creations

Thank You :)..........Mike

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Stephen C Campbell said...

Thanks for getting this information out for the world. The law of attration is in fact all around us and we are in fact invoking it everyday in line with the secret movie, the trick is to get the information we need in order to make it work for us in the way we want our lives to unfold by how our subconscious mind is programmed.

Mike said...


I am a composer and I have written a number of music tracks based around positive visualization. I wrote them for myself to change my own life and get myself and my family out of the negative hole we were stuck in.

My visualization are VERY different from the regular wind chimes and flutes they contain rock guitar tracks and they are all short 3 – 6 mins and to the point.

I don't know about you but I don’t have time to meditate for an hour a day but I can play 3 tracks every morning while I get ready for work.

You can hear samples on and purchase tracks for 99 cents

Let’s move the world to the creative paradigm.