Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Law of Attraction Creations for today :)

Hello my Wonderful friends :)
I am happy to consider you my friends
in this Universe, and creating these messages
for you bring me Joy.

Pick the right affirmation for YOU.....

Use affirmations that tell only a story that makes
you feel good when you say it.

Affirmations are a fantastic way to help guide you,
and build your confidence enough to manifest
those things you desire.

Some people have more success with affirmations
than others.

There could be many reasons for this, however I
think there are some principles you need to
know that will assure that the affirmations you
are saying are right for you.

The first step is to make sure that whatever
affirmation you choose feels good to say when
you say it out loud, or to yourself.

All of us have an inner guidance system.
Some may call it their Guardian Angel, or others
may simply call it their gut instinct.

No matter what you call it, the most important thing is
that you recognize that it's there, and that
you listen to it.

If you say an affirmation to yourself, and instead of
creating a good feeling of anticipation for
what will be manifesting, you feel a negative feeling,
or your body feels sort of sick in the pit of your stomach.

That will be your guidance or instinct telling
you that that particular affirmation is not
the right affirmation for you at this time.

For example: If your affirmation was:
"I am a multi-millionaire".

Even though you truly desire to be a multi-millionaire,
you may not be close to that vibration of actually
believing that affirmation at the moment.

Maybe for now, just until your confidence raises, say an
affirmation that is a little more believable for you.

For example:
"I am abundant in all ways, and I will manifest
$100,000 this year."

Even if that number is really high compared to what you
currently earn, in your mind, it is much more
believable for you to actually manifest.

The best way to know for sure is if your affirmation
is right for you is to notice how you feel
when it's said.

You may have to tweak numbers and circumstances,
and adjust what you say until a good feeling comes when
you say and hear it.

The next step is to FEEL and visualize the feeling of
experiencing whatever your affirmation is describing.

Even when it comes down to saying affirmations,
life's rules are simple and always come into play,
.........seek joy and look to feel good in all
that you do :)

Thank You as always for reading
this Inspirational-Blog :)

I am honored, happy , and very grateful to
have your presence and energy here.

Have an Amazing life experience full of love,
success, happiness, positive energy,
and attraction to all you desire :)

Love and God Bless,
Mike Ludens

Here is your Affirmation Creations for today :)

Mike Ludens - Law of Attraction Creations Blog

i listen to my inner guidance to help me make the right decisions in my life. Mike Ludens Law of Attraction Creations

my current thoughts create my future experience, therefore i choose thoughts that bring me joy.. Mike Ludens Law of Attraction Creations

i now send positive, happy pre-sent thoughts out to create a positive happy future. Mike Ludens Law of Attraction Creations

Here is today's Inspiration Creation :)
The Teachings of Abraham: The Master Course CD Program, 11-CD set

mike ludens law of attraction creations

Thank You :)..........Mike

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