Sunday, September 14, 2008

Law of Attraction Creations for today :)

Hello my incredible friends, and amazing
creators of mine and your Universe :)

Thank You for the fantastic creating
you have been doing to create this abundant
and beautiful universe we live in right now.

Change your mind before you change your

Are you in the habit of using physical action
to change contrasting negative situations
in your life?

What usually happens when you do that is
that since your mindset is still the same,
that physical action only creates a
quick, temporary fix, if not making
things worse.

For example:
If you had a child who
has a very hard time waking up in the
morning, and once awake, makes your
life hell until you finally beg, plead and prod
to get him/her off to school for the day;
you would most likely punish that child
in some way to motivate him/her to not
only going to bed earlier, but to not
wake up in monster form.

While the punishment may create temporary
results, if you still fear for the morning, for
the chance that your child will make your day
a nightmare, then you will continue to
create more bad mornings because
that's where your focus is.

So what you need to do is to sit down and visualize
how your perfect morning would be.

Include as many aspects that you want to
go well for you including your child waking
energized, happy, cooperative, and on time.

Feel the feeling of what that would be like,
and how your day would flow so much better
after you get the kid(s) off to school happy and
in a great mood.

Then once you have that feeling in your mind,
every night before you go to bed, focus on that
perfect morning scenario, instead of the potential
nightmare in the morning scenario.
Also do the same a few minutes before you
get out of bed in the morning.

Then one more thing I would recommend to
someone in this situation would be
to say a couple affirmations.

One would be:
"My children wake up easily, energized,
happy and on time."

Another affirmation could be:
"I love my children and they love, and respect me".

This procedure can be used in any situation that
arises that you want to change, whether it be at work,
home, while traveling or commuting to work, etc.

Visualize and focus on the most pleasing outcome to
any situation you want to change, and
say affirmations to solidify those feelings
for change.

Make sure you re-adjust your view and focus
on any situation first before you do any kind of
physical action change.

And if I haven't said this yet.........

Seek Joy in ALL that you do :)

Thank You as always for reading this
Inspirational-Blog :)

I am honored, happy , and very grateful to
have your presence and energy here.

Have an Amazing life experience full of love,
success, happiness, positive energy, and
attraction to all you desire :)

Love and God Bless,
Mike Ludens

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Thank You :)..........Mike

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