Sunday, October 19, 2008

Law of Attraction Creations for today :)

Hi everyone :)

Thank You for being such positive beings, and for
staying positive despite various forms of contrast in life.
Your positive energy is what energizes this
entire planet.

Positivity strengthens, Negativity weakens...

Every thought that you have of anger, fear, revenge,
hatred, shame, resentment, etc. weakens your body
makes you tired, sick, overweight, and much more.

Every positive thought of love, confidence, happiness, joy,
gratitude, hopefulness, etc. energizes your
body and fights off all the effects of negative thought.

Want proof?

Do an experiment with a friend.

Have that friend stick his/her arm straight out
from their body even with his/her shoulder.

First ask your friend to tell you something
truthful like their real name, or their address.

Make sure it's something that you both know
the answer for sure.

Now while the arm is out, after asking that first
easy question, you will try to pull/push the arm down
towards their side, and they will try to resist.

If they are telling the truth, you should have
very hard time moving their arm.

Now ask that person to think of someone who
they dislike.

Now have them think of thoughts of hatred, or revenge
towards that person.

This time when you try to move their arm,
you should easily be able to pull it down
with two fingers no matter how hard they resist.

This is how much negativity weakens the

Now, to make things right, have your friend think
again of the same person in the last example,
and this time, have them think thoughts of forgiveness,
love, and releasing any and all negative energy
towards that person.

Have them also realize and think that that person is doing
the best they can in their current situation.

Provided your friend can do all this, his/her arm
should again be very hard to budge again
when you try to move it.

This is positivity strengthening the body.

Negative thoughts, no matter what the reason or excuse
for thinking them, weaken the body, and make life
much harder for you.

Sounds like an extremely GOOD reason to
focus on the positive aspects in life,
doesn't it :)

Seek Joy and leave negativity behind. :)

Thank You as always for reading
this Inspirational-Blog :)

I am honored, happy , and very grateful

to have your presence and energy here.

Have an Amazing life experience full of love,

success, happiness, positive energy,
and attraction to all you desire :)

Love and God Bless,
Mike Ludens

Here is your Affirmation Creations for today :)

Mike Ludens - Law of Attraction Creations Blog

i forgive and release all negative energy from the past and embrace my now. Mike Ludens Law of Attraction Creations

i focus on my perfect universe. all other perceptions of negativity is just an illusion.. Mike Ludens Law of Attraction Creations

my world and my experience are in my hands only, therefore i choose a wonderful life. Mike Ludens Law of Attraction Creations

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mike ludens law of attraction creations

Thank You :)..........Mike

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