Friday, August 24, 2007

Inspiration Creations Welcome

Hello to all you motivated, positive, successful, Law of Attraction and Secret users out there :)

My name is Mike Ludens from the Secret Behind the Secret MySpace profile.

For those who don't know me, I am a Law of Attraction Life Coach.

A very big part of life, and the law of attraction is that you get back what you put out to the Universe.

With that being said, I try to send out as much positive, motivating, and inspirational energy to my friends as possible.

This is mainly done with graphic comments, with law of attraction inspirational messages in them, that I leave on my close friends sites.

The only problem is, that when you try to leave something new everyday, you eventually run out of suppliers that provide these beautiful inspirational graphics.

One supplier of such great graphics that I have used many times in the past is

Now I think it's time to start using my own creations, and invite and welcome you to please use them as well.

These images are provided to be used as a source of inspiration for both you and your friends.

Please feel free to leave these graphics on your own site, or to leave on your friend's profile to spread the inspiration and positive energy throughout MySpace :)

Don't worry about copyright issues, etc.

These comments don't have copyrights or my web address on them by design, because I want everyone to use them as often as they like, for whatever reason they want.

I have been trying to figure out a way that I can help spread more positive energy out into the world besides my own personal efforts.

With your help, I can do that by providing these comment images to you to spread like wildfire throughout the web :)

I will be adding more as often as I can. So check back often to see what graphic will come next.

Have an Amazing Day full of success, happiness, positive energy, and attraction to all you desire........Mike

Now go out there and spread the Love :)

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